Nikko La Mere

Los Angeles based photographer

Amy Chance doing Sky Ferreira’s makeup on set of ” Blame Myself”

Sky Ferreira on set of “Blame Myself” video

styled Ian Bradley

Makeup Amy Chance

 New Minji Money #3

 New Minji Money #2

 New Minji Money #1

Crnkn shot at Stylehouse 13

Photo I took of Sky Ferreira featured on Elle Magazine on set of her video “Blame Myself”

Photographed dj, producer, & music artist @Crnkn 

Photographed the lil one on set of her new video @SkyFerreira

Minji Money of Photogenics LA

Alicia Ruelas #1

in west hollywood, ca

Mega Babe Ally Ertal of Photogenics #3

Styled Shaina Feldman

Makeup Debra Macki

Hair Matilde

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